Saturday, June 2, 2012

How To Say Goodbye

Last night I had dinner with a bunch of colleagues as one of them has now left work to study.

When I had been looking for a gift to get her, I'd seen a Jay Chou Live concert VCD collection and I thought maybe I should get that but something made me think that maybe she didn't like Jay Chou. I asked two other colleagues who were with me if they knew if she liked Jay Chou, one said "She likes all asian singers" the other "Sure, she likes him".

I wasn't filled with confidence from their replies so, after looking at a couple of other things I decided on some asian tv series on vcd that had the english title Life is Beautiful, because the name sounded good (it isn't the Oscar-winning Italian film).

When it came time to give gifts to my colleague she opened it and everyone was talking so much, surprised that I'd gotten it and passing it around to look (because most of them will probably end up watching it). Someone then said to me:
Colleague: Do you know what the title of this show means in Thai?
Me: Life is shit?
Colleague: It means First Love.
My face went through a few thousand permutations of the colour red in a matter of seconds and I said to my colleague (the one who has left) "What's your mum going to think?!?!".

I later confirmed that, as I had suspected, she doesn't like Jay Chou (phew!).

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that the colleagues I had been shopping with were looking at a red Hello Kitty bag and couldn't decide between two available designs. One had a big Hello Kitty white head on the side, the other had a smaller design that was still easily noticeable as being of Hello Kitty origin.

My colleagues spent 20 minutes mulling over which one they should get only to discover, after deciding, paying and leaving the store, that they were actually the same bag and they'd just been looking at different sides of it.

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