Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello! My name is Aaron and this my webpage. I created this page as a project with Eglinton Articles, which is an ESL and Website Development program. If you'd like to hire me, just use the contact form available on this page. Below is my personal Curriculum vitae, along with some examples of sites and well written articles I posted earlier.

Graduated with distinction from McGrade University
6 years of marketing and advertising experience (specifically for Electronic customers)
5 years of website development experience.
Committed, self-motivated employee with a taste for specifics.

Work Experience.
Eglinton Articles,2008 - Present
General Manager
In control of setting up a international staff of writers to accommodate a multifaceted set of growth goals and objectives.
- Create cutting edge records for end result, increasing production by 25% all over the globe
- Accurately handled continuous logs of task distribution
- Monitored QA for global development over a large staff of internet writers

Self Employed Wordpress Website Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Macedonian
Excellent competence using a extensive choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Costa Rica Resorts

This country is home to a number of white sand beaches and tropical rainforests. It features several waterfront area resorts located specifically within walking distance from the beaches. Part of the objectives of Costa Rica resorts is to assist the vacationers in planning their outdoor activities. They may plan to participate in some eco- tourism adventurous activities or enjoy surfing in the beach. The amenities offered... To read more click here...

Beef Stock

Most of the commercial stocks that can be bought from the stores also do not have the same intensity and richness of flavor that homemade stocks have. So... Continue reading..

Eyebrow Rings

Barbells are the most typical type of jewelry used in eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow rings also comes in different types such as circular barbells, ball closure rings and segment... Source..

Somers Point NJ

The local government of Somers Point also offers different community programs that feature various genres like arts and physical education. Aside from that, the city also installed a bicycle path in Somers Point to encourage the people to be more active and to... Source of information..

Neuroblastoma In Children

Usually the initial symptoms of Neuroblastoma may appear obscure and will not be a cause for alarm like tiredness and a sudden loss of appetite while other cases may complain of pain in the bones. The symptoms depend on where the tumor developed. If the tumor originated from the abdomen, which is commonly the case, the child will experience constipation or difficulty in urination. A swollen belly can be observed and... More on this site..

Portable Dishwasher

If you have your maid at home to do this, you will have no problem. But if you don’t, you should do something about it. A solution to this problem is a portable dishwasher which is considered as one of the most helpful appliances in the kitchen today. This device efficiently serves it purpose: scrubbing and washing dishes. It comes in a selection of sizes. You must choose the right size for... To read more click here...

Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games With all the work that goes into students making sure they can pass their math courses and secured the types of grades they want as... Find out more...

Loan Calculator

It is a very effective tool in calculating monthly installments for any loans taken and when you are paying back. If you have the capacity to pay extra bucks, you can also count on it in verifying possible rebates or deductions... Read more..

Online Driving Test

In getting a drivers license you will need to undergo a written and an actual driving test to asses your skills and knowledge. Before you undergo this test, you can practice answering questions with an online driving test. There are so many sites offering free services and skills assessment. By taking tests in your computer you will be able to know what you still have to learn regarding driving. This will serve... Continue reading..


These may be paired off with sexy elegant signature dresses or gowns, showing off their lovely feet and nice pairs of legs. These heels could then be considered as the “generic Foot wear” which you could wear in almost every special event in your life. Every female must have at least a pair of these type of shoes, as this could be your best choice whenever you are undecided on what to wear. Finally,... Read more..

Poultry Seasoning

It is created especially for poultry mixing it in stews, stuffing and other recipes. Its main ingredients were sage, marjoram and thyme. Some may even add a taste of hotness to the recipe. The choice lies in your own... Continue reading..

Foam Mattress

When buying in a store you can test the softness of the foam by simply lying down on it. Feel if it is the level of softness that you want. You can tell the sales agent whether you want something softer or harder and they can show you different foams that you can choose from. The size is also important in buying... Read more..

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Discussion of the findings and collected results with the physician may be done. And because they perform the more complex procedures done in the laboratory, they are the ones who supervise and train the laboratory technicians. Specializations are also offered to be a laboratory scientist. These fields may be under cytology, virology, clinical genetics, immunology, parasitology, hematology and clinical microbiology, just to name a few. Because this job requires... More on this page..

Denver Hospitals

Catering to help in the most utmost duration on such various medical problems presented are the Denver hospitals, ready to accommodate any patient at any time. Observing the highest standard in medical care in all aspects including physical and mental health needs are the world class care provided by Denver hospitals.It is said that health is wealth,... Source of information..

Reception Dress

Wedding dresses are usually made long with lots of complicated details. This is why some bride opts for clothes that are more comfortable to wear during the wedding reception and change into a reception dress. Although wedding gowns are made to look really fantastic they can also be in fact hard to... Source..

Teaching Jobs In Canada

Through this, you can apply right away once you already have your certification. Make sure that you contact the provincial government for the certification process. Each province in Canada has its own provincial certification board... Click here to continue..

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How To Say Goodbye

Last night I had dinner with a bunch of colleagues as one of them has now left work to study.

When I had been looking for a gift to get her, I'd seen a Jay Chou Live concert VCD collection and I thought maybe I should get that but something made me think that maybe she didn't like Jay Chou. I asked two other colleagues who were with me if they knew if she liked Jay Chou, one said "She likes all asian singers" the other "Sure, she likes him".

I wasn't filled with confidence from their replies so, after looking at a couple of other things I decided on some asian tv series on vcd that had the english title Life is Beautiful, because the name sounded good (it isn't the Oscar-winning Italian film).

When it came time to give gifts to my colleague she opened it and everyone was talking so much, surprised that I'd gotten it and passing it around to look (because most of them will probably end up watching it). Someone then said to me:
Colleague: Do you know what the title of this show means in Thai?
Me: Life is shit?
Colleague: It means First Love.
My face went through a few thousand permutations of the colour red in a matter of seconds and I said to my colleague (the one who has left) "What's your mum going to think?!?!".

I later confirmed that, as I had suspected, she doesn't like Jay Chou (phew!).

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that the colleagues I had been shopping with were looking at a red Hello Kitty bag and couldn't decide between two available designs. One had a big Hello Kitty white head on the side, the other had a smaller design that was still easily noticeable as being of Hello Kitty origin.

My colleagues spent 20 minutes mulling over which one they should get only to discover, after deciding, paying and leaving the store, that they were actually the same bag and they'd just been looking at different sides of it.